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Poster: Robin_1990 Date: Apr 23, 2008 5:18pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Things I'd Rather Do Than Watch "Law and Order"

1. Write a ten page essay on hidden meanings in the lyrics of "Get Up and Boogie".
2. Marry a Saiyan.
3. Actually press the fart button.
4. Watch "My Mother The Car".
5. Write a ten-page essay on why "My Mother The Car" is the greatest TV show of all time.
6. Be the executive producer of a all-star remake of "My Mother The Car" (Hey, it can't possibly be worse than the "Bewitched" remake).
7. Eat pork in front of a Jewish rabbi.
8. Convert to the Church of Ed Wood.
9. Vote for Hillary Clinton
10. Watch FOX News for an entire day.
11. Become the husband of that idiot who hosts "Today Tonight".
12. Write a ten-page essay on why Gary Reilly should be made king of the world.
13. Nuke The Whales!
14. Become the host of an infomercial for The Original Magic Bullet, complete with fake british accent.
15. Write a book on the rise and fall of Gary Reilly.
16. Marry Gary Reilly.
17. Explain to non-Australians who Gary Reilly is.
18. Predict of the odds of the upcoming "Dragon Ball" movie being a hit (We all know it will bomb, and will be a disgrace to the original cartoon and Manga).
19. Have a debate with myself on whether Goku is a Buddhist.
20. Think of another thing I'd rather do than watch "Law and Order".

I hate "Law and Order". I'm convinced it's worse than "My Mother The Car", "Captain Video" and "Cavalcade of Stars" COMBINED!!